Chase Update, April 22, Saratoga Invitational

Greetings Everyone

Please find some up-to-date information here.  Also, the previous email is located below.  It has a lot of information that was conveyed in the first go.  Lastly, if you are on this email, and would prefer NOT to get them, you need to contact your boathouse manager, Head Coach, etc and have them take you off.  We (the SRA) are not able to access your accounts to do this.  My apologies for any inconveniences.
[1] The Schedule (with Seeding) for this weekend's regatta is attached:
  1. The Schedule took a long time to create, over a few days.  While it was happening, I woke up yesterday (Happy Easter) to realize that many people had made some big changes to their entries after the Mercer Regatta.  Rather than track every one of them down, I worked to finish the schedule in order to get it out to you all.  PLEASE look through EVERY event and make sure you have what you need, AND let us know what you did NOT need.  Any time we remove a boat, I'd like to consolidate the lanes and get out of Lane 0 whenever possible.
  2. Please note, Susan will be sending out an updated version of this with revised bow numbers as we consolidate.  That version will be the one we print, and say "Final SI Schedule" or something really official sounding.  In most cases, your boats will move from left to right to fill holes left by scratches.
  3. PLEASE check your account to see if you boats have been taken off the "waitlist" and you still want them.
  4. From here on out, the Office Manager - Susan - will be keeping the schedule.  Any changes absolutely must go through her.  If something is different than is reflected on this version I am sending to you, you MUST send it to her.  Susan also does the timing, and those files must be perfect to have no question marks on race day.  Susan's email is  You can also reach her at the boathouse phone, if she is in.
  5. If you see/want an empty lane, you should be contacting Susan as well.
  6. Teams are responsible for their own bow numbers.  If you do not have bows 0-9, I would get in touch with WinTech-King Racing and order a few sets now, to be brought to the regatta.
[2] Food Tent Sites:
  1. These have not be assigned yet.  Mother Nature has been less than kind so far this "Spring".  Much of Lee's Park is under water, or soft/muddy.  The creek is high, and almost all the land along the water line is under water up to the road.  Add to that the fact that we crushed the Park at the Head of the Fish, and the land just recently thawed out.......yep, nightmare for the owner.  Needless to say, we will NOT have tent sites along the water.  I am waiting until Wednesday to see how much more things will dry/drain before I assign sites.  I see that many teams have not signed up for a Food Tent site and I'm not sure this was an oversight or you all don't need one.   If it was an oversight, I'd rather fix the problem now, not on regatta weekend.
  2. Most of the tents will be located down near the parking lots-Finish Line-far Trailer Lot area.  We do NOT have much room to move or react to complaints, so please keep in mind we are doing our best to find everyone what they need (over what they want).  With all due respect, come race day, what happens on the water takes precedence over what happens to the 10x10s and griddles.
  3. The food tents will be closer to the Finish Line (parents yay!) but further away from most of the Boat Launch Trailers (athletes boo!).  That said, athletes/coaches/parents should ALWAYS (all caps mean speaking firmly & a little louder right?) be walking along the roadways on the gravel.  These short cuts that the lazy people take, where they step over a section of snow fencing.....No!.  Please make it know that this is not cool.  The property owner will not respond kindly to such a person/team.
  4. Here is the weather for the weekend:   We will NOT have hay onsite in case you are looking for it.  They have it close by at the various feed stores though, and Home Depot (but pricey).
  5. There are 11 dumpsters.  Please make sure all of your trash winds up in them.  Thanks in advance.
[3] We forgot to ask the "Are you bringing a Trailer" question on the Registration.  If you are bringing more than 1 trailer, please let me know.  If you have more than 1 team on your trailer, please let me know.  The more trailers with multiple teams on it, the more food tent space I can make available.  Thanks in advance for this as well.
[4] Lee's Park:
  1. Is in rough shape.  Large parts of it will be snow-fenced in.  Please respect the efforts to keep the vulnerable parts from being wrecked further.
  2. Parking areas will be designated, not "let's find a place closer to the water".  You'll see where people drove in between the campers, got stuck and left massive ruts.  We will not have this happen again.
  3. They will charge for parking all three days as always.  Friday will have a $10 charge per vehicle.  Saturday & Sunday will be $15.  The $$ goes to the Park, not the SRA - even though the many jokes are funny over the years.
[5] Weather:
  1. Here:
  2. The race course runs lanes 9 thru 0.  Lane Zero is on the regatta site side, Lane 9 is on the Saratoga side (where the timers are).  The South wind is mostly headwind.  The West wins are mostly blocked by the hill that runs along the Saratoga side of the race course (Lane 9).
[6] Seeding:
  1. For Saturday, we attempted to make the heats as even as possible.  Traditionally faster teams were split into multiple heats to give all teams speed to race with.
  2. For Sunday - ALL Champ events will be seeded off of actual times from Saturday.  Top 10 times will go into the "A" Flight, and so on.  ONLY "A" Flights will earn medals on Sunday in the Champ events.  The racing should be awesome for all heats, however,  as you are side-by-side with the boats closest to your speed the day before.
  3. Any event on Sunday that is not a "Champ" event will get G-S-Br medals.
[7] Misc.: -
  1. All teams must be paid in FULL before they can launch a boat Friday, or race this weekend.  Failure to attend to this means you are not eligible to join the regatta.  Thanks in advance.
  2. Please see below about a variety of topics from waivers, to lightweights, to EMS
  3. Please use this link:   You will find videos on stake boating, maps of the site/course, and many other useful tidbits of information.
More to come on practice opportunities, FINAL Schedules/Draw, Food Tent Assignments, etc.  Send along any questions please, or call.  Eric Catalano's phone # is........haha, just kidding.  518-376-9172 if you need something.
Best Regards
Chris Chase
Saratoga Rowing Assoc.

Chase Update, April 1st, Saratoga Invitational

  **** General Registration & Entries will be opening tomorrow, Saturday, March 30th at 8 am.  Some of the biggest/original Invite teams will have their entries put in tonight for them.  Each team should enter EACH event, on EACH day, that they intend to race.  If you plan to race in a Champ event Sunday, you must enter it.  Also, plan to enter all necessary Bus and Food Tent entries as well.   They are questions prompted within "My Entries".  They are also both finite in number.  Thanks in advance.******
  1. The Schedule will be very similar to last year with the following exceptions:  There will be no races on Friday night.    We will be adding a Final ONLY Singles event for each gender on Sunday morning first thing.  The 10 slots for each gender will be by invite only.  If you feel you have a single rower that has exceptional speed, please inform me asap to have a shot at one of the lanes.  Also, we have added U17 events to the Sunday Schedule.  With the new U17 & U15 National Championships being run this year at Cooper River (June 1), we wanted to add another venue to race these lineups.  Please note, to race in the event, you cannot TURN 17 during this year.  The U stands for "under."
  2. Seeding:  Saturday will be loosely seeded, with the intention of making "x" number of equal Flights.  There will be plenty of speed in each heat.  When possible, for Novice I will group "B, C, D" boats in their own Flight, away from "A" boats.  Sunday's Races are seeded off of Saturday's times.  The two days have separate sets of medals.  Saturday is all Flights..  Sunday is "A flight" (Champ), "B flight", etc.  On Sunday, only the "A" flight (aka Champ) receives medals.
  3. The Course: Is TEN (10) fully buoyed lanes.  There are white buoys every 20 meters.  There are yellow buoys every 100 meters.  There are green buoys every 250 meters.  Every 500 meters, there are big BEMA buoys on the outside of the course. The Last 250 meters is all red buoys, every 10 meters.  At the end of the Finish Line (just past it), there are big BEMA buoys separating every lane.  These will enable the coxswain to see the Finish Line from a distance.  Please make sure the boats race until it is entirely past these buoys.  The Course runs Lane 0-9.  Lanes 0 and 1 is on the side closest to the Regatta - Launch Area.  Lane 9 is the furthest from the launch docks.  All Lanes are fully buoyed.  Whenever possible, we will NOT use Lane zero (0).
  4. Warming Up:  Crews will be called to the dock 40' before their race.  You may NOT go out earlier. Boats may NEVER be within the buoyed lanes while heading to the Start.  As you approach the Start, the Lane next to you is Lane 0.  There is a 6 lane, fully buoyed course as you row past the Stake Boats at the 1500m Starting Line - for the 2000m course.  Warm-up with the shoreline on your starboard side.  The water beyond the race course is for your warm-up.  You may practice COUNTER-CLOCKWISE from the top of the race course to the "S" turn.  Boats may not go around the bend (which is roughly 700m from the 1500m Starting Line).  There will be several Marshals up there to assist you.  One will be in the Warm-Up area.  Another will begin gathering boats for their race at 15' before race time, at the starting line of the 2k course.  Another will have the boats ready 8' before their race time about 250m before the Stake Boats.  Please have a watch, know your lane, your race time, and be alert.
  5. Bow Numbers:  Teams are responsible for their bow numbers.  WinTech/King Racing will be bringing many sets of them (1-9); they also have some blanks.  Please see them about purchasing them if you need a few sets.
  6. Coxswain-Coaches' Meeting:  We will host a C&C Meeting at 6:00 am each morning.  The Meeting will be at the Outgoing Docks on the State Boat Launch.  Coxswains are responsible for all information given at these meetings.
  7. Waivers:  This is a USRowing Registered Event.  All athletes will need to have USRowing Waivers.  If you have already filled out your waivers for any other regatta this year, you are fine.  Please make sure that each athlete has filled out their waiver.
  8. Judge Referees:  We have a great deal of competent coverage for Safety and Fairness.  Jess McAlear is the Chief JR for the Invite.  She has many JR's helping and other candidates learning.  For each race (7-10 entries), we will have 3 launches chasing the action.  There will also be safety launches along the course, and at the Finish Line. If any crew needs anything, they all have radios and can help.
  9. Stake Boats:  Every lane has one.  By five minutes before your race time you should be lined up behind your lane, waiting to be invited to your stake boat by the race official – do not be late!  When invited, row past your stake boat into your lane, keeping your lane's stake boat ON YOUR STARBOARD side.  You will have 2 minutes to back into your stake boat so the attendant can grab your stern.  Once you are attached to your stake boat, eights, fours, and quads should proactively scull their boats so they can hold their point despite any cross-wind while not detaching from the stake boat.  By sculling, I mean having bow seat hand their oar to 2 seat and 2 seat hand their oar to 3 seat, and then having 2 or 3 seat take short strokes with the oar handle extended so the oar is parallel to the boat, so that the oar pushes the bow against the cross-wind to keep your point while not detaching from the stake boat. Please see this video if you don’t know what this means.  Boats should be ready to scull until the race official starts the final count-down, at which point the rowers should return oars to the proper seat.  The regatta cannot fall behind on the schedule - any boat that cannot hold a good point despite a cross-wind or cannot stay attached to their stake boat will be asked to row home on the Lane 9 side of the course.
  10. Practice: Crews may practice on the course from 9am-6pm.  Crews must go all the way down to the start of the 2k and turn into the lanes.  Lanes 0 and 1 are off limits during the practice times.
  11. Weigh-Ins:  We use the honor system for the Invite.  We reserve the right to weigh-in the medal winners if necessary.  If you are caught cheating, you will not be invited back, and are a lousy person.
  12. Medals:  All races on Saturday are flights.  Medals are awarded for each event on Sunday (event, not Flight).  On Sunday, we will utilize Saturday's times to seed the racing.  Anyone entered on Sunday will race on Sunday.  Those boats who also happened to row Saturday are be ranked by their times.  The top 10 times will go to the "A" Flight, the next 10 to the "B" Flight, etc.  Only the "A" Flight of the Champ races will earn medals.  Any event NOT run on Saturday, but run on Sunday & not a Champ event, will be awarded G-S-B medals by flights.
  13. Food Tents:  Each spot is promised to be 10'x20'.  Most of them are  a minimum of 15'x20' (or more) account for ropes, etc.  Please only use the space between the paint stripes.  Some of you on Lee's Park will have your space behind your trailer along the woods.  There are 2 designated areas where you can park your food trailers (not the tow vehicle).  Please keep the rows of trailers neat so we can fit as many as possible there.  I'll tow any car down near the athletes, and absolutely love doing it.  All vehicles must go back in the parking areas.  Thanks in advance.
  14. Parking:  Tow Vehicles & BOAT trailers are covered in the Maint. Fee.  Anyone else parking on Lee's Park will be charged.  This includes Friday.  Please make sure your parents understand this.  It's private property and their rules.  Parking will cost $10 on Friday, and $15 Saturday & Sunday.   Please ask everyone to have their $ ready, as the lines get long early and clog up the main roads.  Parking out on the main road can get you ticketed and/or towed.  Please note the following:  Once you turn left into the venue, you will be sent into Lee's Park.  There is not a "drop-off zone" + 3-point turn and stop traffic + and leave deal.  If you make the turn, you're in.   If you need to drop off kids, do it at Stewarts and they can walk over.
  15. Trailers:  Trailers can arrive beginning at 9 am on Friday morning.  I'll try to assign Food Tent spots to be closer to whichever end your trailer is.  I would like the trailers on Lee's Park to park as I have assigned please.  On the Boat Launch, I will park as you show up.  We will go 8-9 trailers per row, rather than the usual 11 per row (more space - yeeha).
  16. Buses:  On Friday, the dirt lot next to the Boat Launch is to be used in whatever capacity the Regatta needs it.  Please do NOT have your bus try to unload here.  All buses will enter into Lee's Park and take the right past the trailer.  That is the bus field.  It's not black-topped, but it is solid and has been used for buses for years.  All buses need passes to enter the property.   If you don't have a bus pass, call Susan at the Boathouse please.
  17. Handicapped Parking:  Is available, first-come, first serve.  The parking volunteers will direct them both mornings to their lot.
  18. Tow Vehicles:  On Lee's Park, tow vehicles can park in front of their trailers if they wish (but only in your space).  All Trailers parked on the Boat Launch will park their Tow Vehicles along the chain link fence - on the Lee's Parkside.  Enter Lee's Park and take an immediate left.  ONLY Tow Vehicles can park here.  All others will be towed.
  19. Maps and Site Info:  On the Saratoga Rowing site, there are will be many maps of the course, instructional videos/documents on getting into a stakeboat, etc.  Please check that stuff out.  Attached, you will find the map of the entire venue.  Please review.  Right now, Last year's stuff is still quite relevant.
  20. EMS will be located at the Training Center next to the dirt lot.  Results & Medals will also be located in the big tent along the waterfront by the Finish Line.  In addition, there will be an emergency vehicle down by the pier on the boat launch to assist in an emergency.
  21. No Drones are allowed at this event.  Please tell your families ahead of the racing.
  22. Lineups:  Are not required.  However, over the many kids contact us and ask that we go back in populate regattas so they can prove results for their college resumes.  If at all possible, please have your lineups in.  They DO have to be for the singles events.
  23. Payment:  Teams are expected to be squared up with Susan BEFORE they can race.  Please contact her at 518-587-6697.
  24. Hotels:  The Regattas in Saratoga have been lucky to count the hotels as partners/sponsors of the events.  There is a large list of our partners on the website.  IF you intend to use a travel agent, you will have to call Susan.  Travel Agents tend to cause a great deal of frustration for the hotels.  Please contact Susan so she knows you are using one.