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  • Chase Update, Tail of the Fish, September 28

    Hello Everyone

    This email is loaded with information for you all. Also, below you'll find some attachments and links to items you'll want to pass around. Please send along any questions by text, email, or just call.

    First, and foremost, Thanks very much for coming back to race. We enjoy having you all here.

    Some basic stuff:

    [1] Trailers: We are only using the NYS Boat Launch (center lot). There will be 2 rows of 6-7. The sooner we get the trailers in, the sooner we claim the space from the Fisherman who will arrive at 5am the next morning. Also, if you try to come in on Saturday morning, teams already here will unload to rig and it will be pure chaos trying to get you parked. You will have to be here VERY early if you come Saturday morning. The lot should have plenty of space for rigging. Your tow vehicles are welcome to park with the trailer. Car-Toppers can put their boats in the grassy area near my Regatta Camper (back corner of State Boat Launch).

    [2] Registration: Will be at the new building on the corner of 9P and the Boat Launch Rd. Packets are already done. Please check the Heat Sheets that are attached and make sure everything is in order. If there are any changes or scratches, please notify me asap so we can get it represented on the schedule. Also, please have your invoice paid in advance of the Regatta. Really don't want to be chasing people all over after the race has happened. Thanks in advance. Tina is attached to this email, and is available to help if needed.

    [3] Food Tents: Will be located closer to the chain link fence separating the Boat Launch Launch. We will use back side of the water (not water side please). We will go with first come, first serve for choice. As always, we do NOT want vehicles down by the water. Please have them completely out of the area by 8am. There are dumpsters on the boat launch for us to put all trash. Please help by having yours bagged and tied. We can move them to the dumpsters with my truck if you can't get them there.

    [4] Master's Ages: We are missing some of the average ages of the a few boats. Please check your Streamline Account and make sure the lineups are in and have ages for each name. Any boat that does not have an average age will be assigned the youngest age in the event.

    [5] Parking: Parking for the Regatta is at Lee's Park. The cost will be $10 per vehicle (tow vehicles for the trailer are exempt). No, the Saratoga Rowing Association does not receive this money. Private property. Their choice to charge and keep the money. Lately, some of the teams have found ways into the neighborhoods on the hill and nearby. This has caused a great deal of strain on our relationship with those neighborhoods and HOA's. The CPD puts up no parking signs along the road. Last year, someone pulled them all out and put them in the back of some random pickup truck. The locals along 9P (just past Stewarts) get extremely upset because the road is too narrow to clog up. So, if at all possible, please be responsible with your parking choices. Every time an officer is called to handle a complaint like this, it reflects poorly on the regatta. This, then, makes it more difficult to gain the necessary permits (6 of them) when we go to ask at the PUBLIC hearings. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make every effort to explain to your parents, etc that where they park, and how they behave has an impact on our ability to continue hosting regattas. Local coaches, that means you will be traveling hundreds of miles, rather than 20. I say this because many of your parents have stickers on their windows of your team. At least one team already has quite a name for itself with the CPD because they park in bunches in areas that they shouldn't be. Rant over. Thanks for listening.

    [6] Docks: The map is pretty exact in the traffic pattern for approaching & leaving the docks. There will be only 2 docks (60') docks this weekend. Boats should plan on launching 40' before your race. Please have all boats checked (bow balls, heel ties, etc) before they walk to the dock. We will not be making calls over the loud speakers at this particular race. There will be a USRA Judge Referee near the dock area checking. Please let your spectators know that ONLY rowers, coaches, and people carrying shoes/oars are allowed in the DockMaster Area. This zone is to be kept clear so that the athletes can get to and from the race efficiently and safely. It also ensures that the spectators don't get smacked in the kisser with a bow or rigger.

    [7] The Race Course: There are map links below, and the Coxswain Notes have pictures of various spots along the race course. The Weed Cutter has just cut all the weeds out. While this is awesome, it also means there are roving patches of weeds floating along. Please have your coxswains get into the habit of checking their fin before they begin the race. The pictures of the starting line are also there.

    [8] Waivers: The USRowing Association waiver is fine (can be the basic one too).

    [9] Coaches & Coxswain Mtg: Begins promptly at 6:30am.

    [10] Weather: Saturday is supposed to be clear but high-60's. Please remind the athletes to be dressed appropriately.

    [11] Maps-Regatta Information: Found here

    [12] The Zack Brown Band is playing SPAC on Saturday night. The other side of Lee's Park will be home to campers here for the Concert. My advice is to keep your athletes closer to your tents/trailers, rather than mix the two groups.

    Safe Travels Everyone


tail of the fish  -  sept. 25, 2021
Fish Creek  -  Saratoga, NY