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Join us this Valentine's Day for a "special" type of regatta!  SRA is excited to offer the 2021 Valentine's Day Regatta, with special events to share with that pair partner in your life!

Whether you love to erg, adore the water, or have a special connect with your crew, there is a race for you!

Details below; Save the date!

Looking for Results?!?

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Trouble Registering

If you are having trouble registering, check out our troubleshooting guide HERE.  If you have gone through the guide and are still having trouble, reach out to!

Race Dates

Friday, February 12th at 6am at 6am eastern standard time through Sunday, February 14th at 11:59pm eastern standard time.

Race Distance & Descriptions

Erg Events & Distance

  • Valentine's (Mixed Double): 700 Meters each; Submit Combined Times 
  • Galentine's (Women's Double): 700 Meters each; Submit Combined Times
  • Palentine's (Men's Double): 700 Meters each; Submit Combined Times
  • "I love my Land Single" (Singles Events): 145 Meter Spring; Submit Time
  • "Frienemy:" Combined Times of 2 Ergs, racing 700 meters each; Submit both Times

On-The-Water Events and Distances

  • Valentine's (Mixed Double): 1400 Meters; Submit GPS Times
  • Galentine's (Women's Double): 1400 Meters; Submit GPS Times
  • Palentine's (Men's Double): 1400 Meters; Submit GPS Times
  • "I love my single" (Singles Events):  145 Meter Spring; Submit GPS Time
  • "Frienemy:" Combined Times of 2 Singles, racing 700 meters each; Submit both GPS Times
Race Format

During the window described above, each crew can compete in as many races for you wish to register, or try a few times to achieve better scores in one race on different days (you only need to submit your fastest time).

It is allowed to race in multiple races and it is encouraged (but not required) to race in costume. Times and pictures of your time on GPS will be submitted via a google form along with costumed crew pictures and video (the crew pictures and video will open you up for additional prizes, but are not required).

Race Cost

The cost for doubles is $28 per event.

The cost for singles is $14 per event.


Race Results

Race Results will be posted by February 18th, with the winning time receiving a Valentine's Day Regatta Trophy!

Costume submissions will be voted upon by the public on the @saratogarowing Instagram feed. Winning costumes will receive a One-of-a-Kind Valentine's Day Trophy as well!

A minimum of 5 entries must be registered for an event to be eligible for a Trophy.