Fish Plaque

The 2023 Head of the Fish is October 28-29th.

Registration is now open! General Registration closes October 19th at 3PM EST.

Head of the Fish is excited to be back this fall!  Halloween weekend. Oct 28-29th

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Trouble Registering

If you are having trouble registering, check out our troubleshooting guide HERE.  If you have gone through the guide and are still having trouble, reach out to!

Race Dates

Saturday, Oct 28th - Sunday Oct 29th

Race Distance

3200 meters from our starters camera to the finish camera (assuming you have a good course!)

Race Format

Competitors will race 3200 meters on Fish Creek against the clock head race style with 20-30 second gaps between competitors.  

Race Results

Race Results will be posted on race day, with the winning time receiving a fish head trophy.

A minimum of 5 entries must be registered for an event to be eligible for a Fish Head Trophy.

Coaches & Athletes
Spectators & Organizers
Schedule & Results
Coaches & Athletes

Course Maps

Prepare for your races by reviewing our course maps, including launching patterns, warm up notes, and race suggestions.

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Venue Map

Familiarize yourself with the regatta site, including parking, EMS, awards, food tents, and vendors.

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Trailer Parking

Upon your arrival to course, know what to expect when being directed through Trailer Parking.

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Ensure you are supporting fair racing by following the Rules of the Regatta.

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Find out our awards progression here.

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Kristi Updates

Get up to date information directly from the Regatta Director here.

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Spectators & Organizers

Car Parking

Know what to expect when you arrive regarding the available parking.

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Bus Parking

Get your Bus information here.

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Food Tents

Click here for 2022 Food Tents at Head of the Fish Regatta.

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Sign-Up to be a Vendor here.

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Get directions to Fish Creek here!

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Schedule & Results

Past Results

Want to know how your time stacks up of time's past?  Click here for all our previous race results on Fish Creek!

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Head of the Fish  -  October 28-29, 2023
Saratoga, NY