Regatta Updates

  • September 1, 2021

    • Trailer registration is available on the main registration page, please register for as many trailers as your team needs per day (ex. if you are sharing a trailer with another team only one of you needs a trailer spot.)
    • Trailers for Saturday may arrive Friday between noon and 8PM. Trailers only for Sunday cannot arrive until after 7PM (and before 9PM) on Saturday to allow time for Saturday only trailers to depart once racing has concluded. If you are planning to arrive on either Saturday or Sunday morning please contact me directly.
    • Masters events except for age block 1xs are age handicapped. For age handicapped event please enter lineups with ages.
    • All Juniors events are on Sunday except for girls and boys U15, U17 and U19 1xs on Saturday afternoon.
    • At this point we are unsure if we will have team tents, if they are allowed we will reach out and bill separately.
    • Expect an email about bus and car parking permits in the coming weeks.
    • We will follow the COVID-19 situation and follow local and state guidelines to keep the regatta safe for everyone involved.
    • Registration is open until October 18th, with late registration from October 19-26.
    • We are working on a virtual component to the regatta (for a few separate virtual events.) Updates on that coming in the next week or so.
  • October 26, 2018

    At least 6 people have called and asked where the info emails are.  In case there are more of you who did not get any emails this week, here are the 2 I have sent in the last 2 days.  Please read to the bottom.  Also, here are some more items:
    [1] The Regatta is on.  The weather will be miserable Saturday.  It will be very wet, and very cold on Saturday.  Winds will switch over to 10mph at 10:00am.  From 3:00pm to 5:00pm we will see 13mph.  All Tailwind.  There will be some chop with the double digits.  Sunday has single-digit winds.  The forecast is changing regularly though as to direction.  Right now, they are from the SW (head)
    [2] Coaches & Coxswains Mtg.  Will be at 6:30am both mornings.  We will now host this meeting at the corner building (the Training Center) on the first floor.  It will have lights, heat, no rain, and quiet.  As written below, virtually everything you need to know about the racing is found here:  More below about the course.
    [3] The most recent Schedule is attached here as well.  As is the Trailer list, and the Food Tent allocations.  
    [4] Please dress appropriately for the conditions.
    [5] If you have scratches, please send them on to 
    [6] You can follow the results on @nysrowing
  • October 24th, 2018

    Please find some more updates for you on this emails.  Some things I forgot last night, some things I did a poor job of communicating.
    [1] The Weather:  Isn't getting any better for the weekend.  It will be cold.  It will be wet (especially on saturday).  It will be breezy.  It is doubtful that we will cancel the regatta.  However, if things got really windy, we would evaluate the ability of some events to handle the conditions.  Above all, expect the tough conditions and prepare your athletes for them please. 
    [2] Car-Toppers:  I neglected to mention this last night.  The Car-topper vehicles an park in Lee's Park immediately to the right of the guy collecting parking.  The entire front yard is for the vehicles.  There is green space by the Regatta Camper to rig and put your boats over night (if you come on Friday).  Your cars cannot stay by the Camper though.  They will need to be brought in to load and leave after the race.  
    [3] Trailers:  I have attached a trailer chart to this email.  Please take a look at it carefully.  In it, teams are assigned to where they will park.  Should anything be written wrong, or if you don't see your trailer - or the one you are sharing, PLEASE RESPOND IMMEDIATELY.   All trailers must be parking by 11:00pm each night.  Whether you arrive on Friday night, or Saturday night, you must be here.  There will be security for both nights.
    •  If you are coming for both days, you will be parked at Lee's Park (with the exception of the 10 that will line the road in the Boat Launch along the bridge).  For the most part, you will be parked as you arrive.  Some of the bigger teams will have predetermined spaces set aside for their stuff.  The later you arrive, the further back you will be parked.
    • If you are coming for either, Saturday only, or Sunday only, you will be parked on the NYS Boat Launch.  Again, in the order you arrive.  Teams arriving on Saturday night can NOT arrive before 6:00pm to the venue.  If you do, please head to exit 14 and hang out in the mall parking lot.  It will be chaotic with the Saturday teams loading and leaving.  If there is room to begin parking earlier, we will text everyone on the "Remind" app that I mentioned last night (also found below in the email from last night).
    • Again, ALL trailers must be parking by 11:00pm each night.  All Saturday racers must be gone before 5:45pm, and all arrivals must not come before 6:00pm.  Upon arrival, please make sure I give you a tow vehicle parking pass.
    • For the bigger teams, we have some "A" frames that can be used  First-come, first-serve.  We have 5-6 pairs.  They are located on the green spaces by the Regatta Camper in the back of the NYS BL.
    • Tow vehicles for Lee's Park can stay with the trailers.  Tow vehicles for the Boat Launch cannot park in the Boat Launch.  (there would be no rigging space)  They will have space available for them - as you enter Lee's Park, immediately on the left.  This space is ONLY for tow vehicles.  We have used it for 2 years now, and most of you know where it is I think.
    [4] Food Tents:  A revised map has been attached.  Most of the changes came in the 40's row.  Some info on set-up.
    • You are allowed to set up on Friday all day, or, the Saturday night before, or the morning of.  If you set up the Saturday night before, you can't go in there with a vehicle until after 5:00pm.  If you set up in the mornings, your vehicle must be gone by 8:00am.  
    • If you are setting up a space for Sunday that is not being used on Saturday, feel free to set up at any time.  Vehicles are simply not allowed in the area while racing is happening.  However, you can walk your stuff in at any time.  
    • Also, please consolidate the food into one vehicle before it heads to the assigned site.  We regularly have cars who say "we are the food tent parents", and they have 1 loaf of bread or something in their car.  We don't need lots of vehicles in areas people are walking around in.  
    • It will be wet in some places, and we no longer have the guy who brings hay in for sale (RIP).  You are welcome to bring you own in.  Home Depot sells it, and there is a horse supply off East Ave I think.
    • Please make sure all tents are secure.  They should be staked and tied down to withstand the winds for the weekend.  Also, the water from a night of rain will certainly weigh down the roof.
    • Please put all trash from food tents in the 11 dumpsters located near the tent roads.
    [5] EMS & Safety:  The EMS location is next to the Training Center parking lot.  As you turn into the venue, the Training Center is on your right.  You'll find your registration packets in this building as well.  Should you have any emergencies, you should be able to find the ambulance, the Sheriff, and the EMT's from Wilton Ambulance around the lot.  There are also many launches on the water (all with radios), and a Sheriff's Boat patrolling the waterway.  You will normally find Law Enforcement on the pier by the bridge and up on the corner of the main road if you need help.  For emergencies, we have the TC for its space and any other needs it can fill.
    [6] Heat Sheets:  They are attached.  There have been several scratches since it was printed, but here it is.  There will be one copy in each registration packet.  Please feel free to make other copies for your extra coaches & parents.
  • October 23rd, 2017

    Hi All

    Here is a load of information for everyone.  Please read it all and send any questions/corrections/thoughts along.  
    [1] Information:  Here is a link to a great deal of information:   You'll find maps (racecourse & land venue), Rules & Regulations, etc here.  Also, for all up-to-the-minute bits of information/changes, please feel free to text @saratogarowing to 81010.  This will give you updates and changes throughout the day when needed.
    [2] The schedule is found here:  This one is a 'living document' and changes 20" at a time as people enter late/scratch.  However, it will be very close to the actual.  Tomorrow, I will be sending out the Final schedule with bow #'s.  That document will be the official one for Schedule/Bow #'s.  We will put 1-2 in each race packet, but we won't be printing them all day.  If you would like copies, please print them at home.  Please make sure you have everything (entries) you expected on here.  Also, if you see any boats that should be scratched and off the schedule, please email Susan at 
    [3] Weather:  This weekend has a solid chance of rain & plenty of cold.  The winds will be tailwind all weekend.  Here is the forecast as of this moment:    Please know that the well-being of the athletes is our priority.  We will NOT launch young athletes who are not dressed for the conditions.  Please make sure your athletes are dressed appropriately.  Having loads of skin exposed doesn't make them tougher.  Please encourage longs sleeves, leggings, hats, layers, etc.  The Judge Referees will simply turn them away at the docks if they are not prepared.  Please also remember, that, if the EMS crew has too many incidents of hypothermia, they can pull the regatta permit - as they can at any regatta in the US.  We, as coaches, need to be responsible.
    [4] Waivers:  This is a USRowing sanctioned regatta.  Every athlete was be covered by their Club/HS's insurance (with a waiver signed) or have signed a USRowing basic waiver.  Each coach is responsible to make sure their athletes have one of these options covered. 
    [5] Coaches&Coxswains MTG: The meeting will be at 6:30am each morning.  The vast majority of the information is contained in the Coxswain's Packet.  The maps are also online.  I have attached the HoF "starting line protocols" to this email.  Teams are responsible for all information given out at the meeting.  There are coxswain notes here (from the water view with pictures):
    [6] Seeding:  With just under 2000 entries, seeding the events is a real treat for sure.  Rule of thumb is, we use last year's results to seed.  Then, all 'A's are grouped, then 'B's, and so on.  We did our best to go through every event in this manner.  If you find an event that slipped through, my apologies.  We won't be changing anything at this point.  For Masters' events, we don't get into the "D" entries being seeded top 5, etc.  The assumption is that Teams/Coaches put their fastest crew in the "A" slot, and so on.  There would be no way for us to keep up with all the lineup changes year to year.
    [7] Trailers:  Trailers can begin coming in at 9am on Friday morning.  Trailers wll be parked where directed.  There is no argument on this.  Do NOT drop and go please (my truck has a hitch and you won't like your trailer spot when you return - unless you are a hunter).  Trailers that are staying both days, will be parked in Lee's Park (unless otherwise discussed).  Trailers who are ONLY here for Saturday Racing - mainly the colleges - will be parked on the NYS Boat Launch blacktop. At the end of racing on Saturday, those trailers will need to be out by 6:00pm.  At 6:00pm, all the trailers of Sunday-Only crews will be allowed to park in the Boat Launch.  We cannot have trailers lingering from Saturday please.  It will be hard enough getting 35 trailers out, and replacing them with 36 new ones as it gets dark.  I'll have parking passes for the tow vehicles when you arrive.  These passes should NOT be given to any other vehicle for any reason.  The Tow Vehicle passes are included as part of the Park Maintenance Fee.  I'll post a chart of trailer assignments on the web page tomorrow.  
    [8] Registration:  Will be found in the corner building as you cross the bridge (on your right as you turn in the venue).  Packets will be available from 2:00pm until 7:00pm Friday.  Registration will also open at 6:00am both mornings.  Should we need to have any emergency meetings for Head Coaches, it will also be held in this Training Center.  Please look through everything and make sure you have all of your bow #s (back & boat), as well as pins.  Bow #'s go on bow seats' and coxswains' backs.  If they are wearing outer garments, please have the #'s on the outside of them.  ALL bow #'s should be returned after racing.  There will be boxes to put them into on the return docks.  Thanks in advance.  (ps. consider taping the to the holder so they aren't blown/knocked off during racing) EMS will also be located at this location.  This is where you will find the ambulance and the EMT's.
    [9] Medals/Fish Heads:  All Events with AT LEAST 5 entries will be racing for a Fish Head.  The Medals/Fish Heads will be moved into the vendor tent on Lee's Park this year.  We are trying to reduce the amount of foot traffic out by the busy road.  All Events will be awarding Gold-Silver-Bronze.  In events with many layers of "A", "B". "C" (etc) we will, many times put out GSB for varying layers.  Please note the official results (paper) to see which events will have this.  [assuming we have the medals of course].  
    [10] For Masters' events:  Many of you do NOT have your ages in.  Anyone who went in and added them after 3:00pm yesterday will need to send the average age of each Masters entry to Susan at ASAP.  We will NOT be spending Saturday chasing people's ages down.  Any boat without an age put in, will be given the youngest age that, that category will allow.  Also, we are not looking for teams to be changing their average age repeatedly to "game" the handicap system.  If you want a medal that badly, swing my and I will give you some from the spare box.  Or, you can earn them like everyone else.
    [11] Lightweights:  We use the 'honor system' for this race, as they elements are not conducive to stripping down to weigh-in.  The events have all had 5lbs added to them for Winter Weight.  It is expected that EVERY athlete in the boat is at/under the weight on the event title - no averaging.  We reserve the right to weigh in the medal winners at the Regatta Camper.  Plausible deniability is not cool.  If you are racing lightweights, coaches, make sure you are not guessing/hoping.  It's just a race for goodness sake.  If you are asked to weigh-in, and are over the limit, your team will NEVER be allowed to enter the event again.
    [12] Trash: There are 11 dumpsters on the venue.  Please utilize them.  All food tents should be bring their trash to the nearest dumpster.  We've tried to put them as close as possible.  There are also bins to put plastic bottles/alum.cans throughout the site.  One of the local Youth Clubs uses the bottles to fund activities.  Thanks for helping them out.
    [13] One of the events had the coxswain box not clicked.  It reads as a 4-.  We have no straight fours at the regatta.  All boats are either a coxed four(4+), straight quad (4x), or a coxed quad (4x+).  Sorry for the confusion.  All Fours should have a coxswain.
    [14] Registration System vs Timing:  Streamline is the Registration Company that we use.  However, we do timing using an in-house excel based system.  What this means is that any changes made after we download all the data from Streamline will NOT reach the timing sheet unless it is directly sent to Susan at     So, any Masters' ages or scratches should be sent to her to make sure we have the most up-to-date information on that timing sheet.  Please help by doing this.  If at any point during racing, that you know you will not be racing a bow #, please let us know (text me or email me) so we are not waiting for that boat at the Start or Finish Line.  Thanks in advance.
    [15] Parking:  The regatta is hosted on private property.  The Owner will charge per day. Friday will be $10.  Saturday & Sunday will be $15.  Please have the money ready for the collector so that we don't tie up the bridge for hours.  This money goes to the owners of the Park, not to the SRA volunteer who helps collect.  All those cute little quips, or sarcastic comments, or angry words are wasted.  That poor sucker is just getting their volunteer hours in.  Please be respectful.  Also, there are no drop-offs.  This is an issue every year.  Mommy or Daddy wants to drive "precious" as far into the park as possible (heck, right to the trailer's edge if they can) without paying, and then 'promises' to come right out.  No way.  Drop off at Stewarts if you want.  They are athletes and can walk in.  Every year, some entitled parent starts some screaming match with a volunteer, and then get's their feelings hurt & goes and tells the Sheriff.  Coaches, please make sure this isn't one of your parents.  There are NO DROP-OFFS, and no drive-by's.   If you are this parent, stay home please.  
    [16] Which brings us to ........ Food Tents (breathe deeply Chris),  I have attached the Food Tent list.  We are trying a new layout with the vendor tent, as well as keeping lots of space along the water clear for spectators. There is space for everyone.  If I missed anyone, please let me know.  The map has Saturday, Sunday, and Both Day assignments on it.  There are areas to put your "chuck wagons".  Set-up can be done Friday (for Saturday tents, and/or Sunday tents where nobody is using the space on Saturday).  Sunday food tents, on space that is being used on Saturday by Colleges, can be set up on Saturday night after 5:00pm or Sunday morning before 8:00am.  ALL VEHICLES MUST BE OUT OF THE AREAS BY THE BEGINNING OF THE FIRST RACE EACH MORNING AT 8:00AM.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  IF YOU CANNOT FOLLOW THE RULES, YOUR TEAM WILL NOT HAVE A FOOD TENT.    The food tent map is also located on the regatta web page.  There will also be signs at the head of each road to help direct people to their site.  Each site is minimum 10'x20'.  Most are actually minimum 13'x25' to make room for tent ropes, etc.  Many are much longer.  Teams I know that have chuck wagons are usually placed near areas to store their wagon, or in spaces that can accommodate it.  In addition, when possible, I tried very hard to put each team's tents near the lot where their Team Trailer is.
    Look forward to seeing everyone.  Safe travels.