Regatta Updates

  • SEPTEMBER 26th, 2023

    Registration is now open for the 2023 Head of the Fish Regatta on Streamline Rowing!

    As a reminder, general registration closes October 19th at 3PM EST.

    Late registration will run until October 23rd at 3PM EST.

    Here is the link to register trailers, foot tents, and vehicle parking.

    Each team may register two cars that you can park on site, this does not include your tow vehicle (which comes when you register your trailer.) Teams may also register buses to park on site. We also have an off site parking location at the Saratoga Casino (a 5-10 min drive, with complementary parking and a $5 shuttle ride.)

    Here is additional information for spectators, including boosters/ food tent.

    If you are having issues with streamline rowing please reach out to me, I can help you get logged in and/or register your crews.

    We will have practice from 10-2 on Friday morning with the trailer lot opening at 9:30 AM. There will be no practice before or after racing on Saturday or Sunday.

    Trailers may arrive Friday between 9:30 AM-8PM. Saturday morning before 7AM, Saturday evening between 6-8PM or Sunday morning before 7AM.

    Trailer parking will be in both the State Boat Launch and Lee's Park. You will be directed when you arrive with your trailer based on the length of your stay. Thank you!

  • SEPTEMBER 1ST, 2023

    Registration is now open for the 2023 Head of the Fish Regatta on Streamline Rowing!

    Despite my previous email, the schedule is slightly different for Saturday racing than it was in 2022. Junior men's singles are before lunch and all women's and men's collegiate 8+s and 4+s are after lunch. Sunday's schedule remains the same as 2022, the only change is the removal of "freshmen" high school events and the addition of U16 events. Most of these events are also novice, if any teams have freshman programs and this change proves to be a problem please just reach out.

    The schedule will adjust slightly depending on the number of crews entered in racing, but please do not plan to hot seat events less than 90 minutes apart.

    We will follow up mid September with trailer, foot tent, vehicle parking and spectator information.

Head of the Fish  -  October 28-29, 2023
Saratoga, NY