Course Maps for the Spring Season

  • course overview

  • 1500m racing map

  • Notes on The Course

    The course is a TEN (10) fully buoyed lane course.  Lane 9 thru Lane 0.  There are white or yellow buoys every 20 meters (alternating by line).  There are green buoys every 250 meters.  Every 500 meters, there are Large White buoys on the outside lane 9. The first 100 meters the buoys are spaced every 10 meters.  The Last 250 meters is all red buoys, every 10 meters.  At the end of the Finish Line (just past it) there are big BEMA buoys separating every lane.  These will enable the coxswain to see the Finish Line from a distance.  Please make sure the boats race until it is entirely past these buoys.  The Course runs Lane 0-9.  Lanes 0 and 1 is on the side closest to the Regatta - Launch Area.  Lane 9 is the furthest from the launch docks.  All Lanes are fully buoyed.  Whenever possible, we will NOT use Lane zero (0).

  • 2000m racing map