Rules and Race Notes

  • Athlete Classification and Eligibility

    • Novice Athlete: Any rower that began rowing after January 1 of this year.
    • Freshmen: Any rower that is in 9th grade OR younger.
    • Middle School: Any rower that is in 8th grade or below.
    • Masters: Any rower that is 21 years of age or older.
    • 1V: The top level of a juniors event.
    • 2V: The 2nd boat of a juniors event. Please note, if you want to row your only entry as a 2V (i.e., “you want to row your boat with ‘like’ speed),
      1) you must receive prior permission from the Regatta Director and
      2) you must row exhibition. Exhibition entries are not eligible for medals/awards.
    • “B” Entries: A 2nd entry (presumably slower than the first entry) in one event.
    • “C” Entries: A 3rd entry (presumably slower than the first 2 entries) in one event.
    • “D” Entries: A 4th entry (presumably slower than the first 3 entries) in one event.
    • Lightweight: An entry that contains no rower than 155lbs for high school men, 165lbs for open men and 135lbs for women.
  • Rules of Racing

    Follow instructions from the Starting Line Marshall and Officials.  If the day is windy, getting everyone lined up is very difficult.  It also makes it more difficult to hear words from the launch.  If it is cold, try to keep your crews moving as much as possible. (It will be very cold in the mornings – make sure they all DRESS WARMLY). They simply need you to comply and help get things organized. 

    Coach’s & Coxswains Meetings

    • C&C Meeting will be at 6:00 am each morning.  The Meeting will be held at the Regatta Camper in the back corner of the State Boat Launch.  Coaches & Coxswains are responsible for all information given at these meetings.


    • Events are called to the dock 40 minutes before your race.  For the larger events, please note that we will call in 20-25 boat increments.  This helps ensure that the boats arrive at the start more in bow # order. 
    • Come to the dock as you are called. If there is a boat with a bow number before yours, allow them to dock out first. 
    • Have oars down to the docks before you get hands-on the boat.
    • Have oarlocks undone, have a secure bow ball, make sure your heel-ties are in place.
    • Keep ALL unnecessary people out of the docking area.  NO parents, friends, etc.  Just 1 coach and the lineup.
    • Have your shoe bag ready/filled so your coach can take it with him/her back to the trailer.  Nothing stays on the docks. 
    • Know which dock you are coming BACK to once the race is over (either Lee’s Park or the State Boat Launch).
    • Crews should approach the docks, following the traffic pattern for their assigned launch area, bow first.
    • Athletes must check-in with the dock master. Here, heel ties and bow balls will be checked.
    • Once the shell is in the water, crews have 60 seconds to push away from the docks.
    • Coxswain or Stroke Seat should have an accurate watch & know their bow number, race time, and race event. It’s the athlete’s responsibility to be lined-up by bow number in the race lane approaching the start as you get closer to your event time.

    Warming Up

    • Boats may NEVER be within the buoyed lanes while heading to the Start.  As you approach the Start, the Lane next to you is Lane 0. 
    • There is a yellow line of buoys as you pass the Stake Boats at the 1500m Starting Line.  These yellow buoys continue for the next 500m.  Warm-up with the shoreline on your starboard side. 
    • The space of water to the right of the 2k "top 500" will have 3 BEMA buoys in the middle of it. 
    • You may practice COUNTER-CLOCKWISE around these buoys to warm up.  Boats may not go around the bend (which is roughly 700m from the 1500m Starting Line). 
    • There will be several Marshals up there to assist you.  One will be in the Warm-Up area.  Another will begin gathering boats for their race at 16' before race time, at the starting line of the 2k course. 
    • Another will have the boats ready 8' before their race time about 250m before the Stake Boats.  Please have a watch, know which flight/heat/final you are in, know your lane, your race time, and be alert.  Remember, IF YOU ARE HEADED TO THE STARTING LINE AND ARE BETWEEN BUOYED LANES - YOU ARE ON THE RACE COURSE.

    Stake Boats

    •  Every lane has one.  You can row between them.  Please row past your stake boat on its STARBOARD side.  You will have 2 minutes to get into your stakeboat.  The regatta simply cannot fall behind on the schedule.  Any boat that cannot get into its stakeboat will be asked to row home on the Lane 9 side of the course.  Also, we will NOT hold up any races if you are late to the Starting Line.  Please be there and ready to race on time.  Here is a video of how to do this: 

    Weight In

    • We use the honor system for the Invite.  We reserve the right to weigh-in the medal winners if necessary.  If you are caught cheating, you will simply not be invited back.  [135lbs for girls and 155lbs for boys - no averaging]