Regatta Director Updates

  • May 13, 2022

    Click here to view the C&C meeting recorded on zoom. 

    Click here to view the slides from the C&C meeting. 

    From Larry: 

    Good morning,


    There are a couple of important items in this email, so please make sure to read through it and take whatever action is needed for your team.


    We intend to publish a complete spreadsheet later today with the entries in each event identified as to whether they are club/scholastic or age-based entries or SRAA category entries. In order to allow us to have as complete a list as possible, and ensure that you receive any Nationals bids you are hoping to earn, please complete the form at the link below, or complete the form at registration, for each entry if you have crews entered in the events below:


    U17/Junior 4X

    U17/Junior 1X

    U15 4X+

    U17/Junior 4+

    U17/Junior 8+

    U16 4X+

    U17/Junior 2X

    U16/Freshman 8+


    Certification form:


    If you do not complete the form, you will in all likelihood be passed over for any bids which you may otherwise be eligible for in these events.  Every athlete in an age-based crew competing at States must be eligible according to the age restriction to compete at Youth Nationals or the boat is not eligible to receive the USRowing bid.


    The Coaches & Coxswain’s Meeting can be viewed at the following link:

    One final note.  There have been a number of teams that have been affected by positive Covid tests in the past few days.  We do not have any formal Covid protocols in place, other than what Jim Dwyer mentioned at the meeting last night, but if any of your athletes test positive leading into the regatta, they should follow CDC guidelines and isolate as appropriate.  If you need to make any last-minute changes in either line-ups or entries due to positive tests, please make sure to let us know as quickly as possible to facilitate any changes needed.

    If you have any questions about the coaches/coxswains meeting or anything else, please let me know.  I will be on the road for a bit, will be in Saratoga this afternoon and either Kristi or I should be able to help you out with any issues or questions.

  • May 10, 2022

    Hi All- 
    We are looking forward to having you in Saratoga this weekend! There is a lot of information and links in this email so please read the whole thing. 
    The schedule is currently posted on streamline and the times are correct, as a reminder the morning races are time trial format and the afternoon finals will be the top nine boats from the time trials.  In varsity events with 13 or more entries, there will be a petite final as well. 

    Food Tent Info: Please refer to this document for all information regarding food tents and chuck wagons, we will post on here the food tent map and any updates. 

    Trailer arrival: trailers can arrive between 11-8 on Friday or before 7 AM on Saturday or Sunday morning.  Unless we reach out to you individually you will be parking in the state boat launch. 
    On site car/ bus parking: Please use this link to purchase up to 2 on site car parking passes per day per team and bus passes. These are the only parking spots available in Lee's Park, all other parking is off site at the Saratoga Casino where we will have a shuttle available. Parking at the casino is free and the shuttle is $5 for the day. 
    Tow vehicles for trailers will receive an on site parking pass which they can use to park in Lee's Park. Trailers will be asked not to return to the boatyard once disconnecting their trailer to allow for more space for rigging and boat storage. 
    Livestream: finals on both Saturday and Sunday will be livestreamed on the Saratoga Rowing YouTube
    Schedule: available on streamline rowing, results will also be available on streamline. Please note, bow numbers for time trials will be sent out and not on streamline. You will receive bibs and bow numbers at registration when you arrive. 
    Please refer to the Saratoga Rowing Regattas website for further information, maps and updates. 
    To share with parents/ spectators: We have some of our neighbors offering exciting alternative viewing opportunities. 
    Coaches and coxswain meeting will be over zoom on Thursday evening at 8:15 PM. Link is below. The meeting will be recorded and the link and slides shared. 
    Kristi Wagner is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.Topic: C & C Meeting NYSSRA Championship
    Time: May 12, 2022 08:15 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
    Join Zoom Meeting
    Meeting ID: 859 2211 0054
    Passcode: 683848
    One tap mobile
    +19292056099,,85922110054#,,,,*683848# US (New York)
    +13017158592,,85922110054#,,,,*683848# US (Washington DC)
    Dial by your location
            +1 929 205 6099 US (New York)
            +1 301 715 8592 US (Washington DC)
            +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
            +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
            +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
            +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
    Meeting ID: 859 2211 0054
    Passcode: 683848
    Find your local number:
    Please feel free to reach out to me or Larry or both of us with any questions! 


  • May 9, 2019

    Hi Coaches

    Some more information for you all.  

    [1]  You will find the updated schedule here:   Please note that the schedule that I had sent out the other day has the Saturday morning times correct on it.  We have to do the Time Trials separately than the Finals.  That attachment is on this email.  By tomorrow, after any last scratches and additions, we will have the bow numbers for the Time Trials for you.  The link is to the Finals times.  This schedule will be updated with the Time Trials results, which will fill out the lanes.  The schedule itself, should be correct in times and order of events.  

    [2]  Food Tents:  The land we are allowed to use was shown to me today.  We had a record number of food tent requests this year (by 20+).  I'll do my best to get everyone the space they are looking for.  If by chance we cannot find enough for every ask, we will guarantee everyone at least their first one. Somehow, the system allowed some people to get 3 - which we have never done before.  We will see what we can go. Please note, that virtually all food tents will be behind the ditch at Lee's Park.  A select few will be closer to the front, but none will be along the waterfront.  The Park is in considerably rough shape.  The movement of vehicles will be restricted quite a bit.  (more on vehicle parking later). After the spaces are staked and tagged tomorrow, we will have a map sent out that you can send to your Parents Group.
    [3] Parking: As noted earlier, the Park is a mess.  With almost an inch of rain due Friday, have had to create a Plan B.  General Parking will be at the Saratoga Casino Hotel, who has offered to help out by letting us use their lot.  It is only a few minutes away from the venue.  Please enter via the Nelson Ave side.  
    • A shuttle service will be set up from Nelson Ave Entrance to the NYS Boat Launch.  The shuttle service will be $5/person.  Upon payment, riders will receive a hand-stamp that allows unlimited rides for that day.  There will be a different pass for each day.  Cash ONLY.  Please be prepared, as there will be no other method to gain a seat in the bus.
    • Each team will be given 3 parking passes in their registration packet.  These parking passes can be given to whomever the Head Coach decides.  Only those with a parking pass will be allowed to park at Lee's Campground.   
    • There is still a $15/car charge upon arrival at Lee's Campground even with the pass.
    • If you do not have a parking pass, you will NOT be allowed to enter.  The Sheriff will be very strict about enforcing the "no pass, no entry" rule.  If he is pressed, I am quite sure feelings will be hurt (and not his).  
    • Stewarts will not allow people to park in their lot.  You can drop off, and even park there if you are purchasing items.  However, if you decide to leave your car there, it will be towed.  
    • It is recommended that these parking passes are given to those in charge of the food tent, though they will be given out at the discretion of the head coach.
    • Vendors, Buses, and Team Trucks will be allowed to enter the park without charge.

    Shuttle Times

    • Saturday: 6am-7pm
    • Sunday: 6am-5pm
      Specifics regarding Shuttles
      • From 6am-9am
        • 2 Shuttles will be going continuously from the Racino to SRA-Training Center every 15', OR once the bus is full.
      • From 9 am until End of Day
        • 1 Shuttle at the Racino and 1 at the Training Center, departing every 15 minutes.
    • The staff working these events is volunteer; Please work with them as we are doing our best to ensure everyone can watch the races without the additional stress of the wet campgrounds. 
    [4]  For those who may not know, EVERY boat in the regatta must first race a Time Trial in the Qualifying Regatta on Saturday morning.  Those races will happen between 8:00am - 3:20pm.  When the Heat Sheets come out, if you are and even-numbered boat, you will race down in Lane 4.  If you are an odd-numbered bow #, you will race your TT in Lane 3.  The Time Trial results is your OFFICIAL TIME UNTIL A FINAL CHANGES IT.  If any of Sunday's races are not run, the Time Trial IS YOUR OFFICIAL TIME for 2019.  The Time Trial Map is attached.
    [5] I have seeded each event, and the bow numbers will be assigned tonight.  To do the seeding, I simply used the Grand Final results from 2018.  If teams were not entered this year, I just skipped to the next one.  No Petite Finals  results were used.  The Novice Events were the same, even though EVERY boat should have a different lineup this year.  
    [6] In terms of Finals, and how they are assigned to Events:  Any event over 15 entries gets an "A", and "B", Final.  Senior Events with over 30 entries get a "C" Final.  Years ago, it was voted on this way.  We acknowledged that we were not trying to use Time Trials to replace head-2-head racing, or thin out the entries too easily.  At the same time, we were not looking to have a million 2, 3, 4 boat races when the weekend was dragging on too late Sunday evening.
    [7] Lineups are due on Friday.  Please go ahead and put them in.  We would prefer to have them online.  Also, and very important, PLEASE make sure your boats are very clear if they are Scholastic or Club.  If they are Scholastic, the box should be clicked when you put in their lineups.  I'll do my best to highlight all entries on every result to make things more clear as to who is who.  Remember, we give G-S-B to the top 3 Scholastic entries, AND the top 3 Club entries.  Please note the following rule:  A Coach does not get to pick whether their boat is Club or Scholastic.  It is quite simple.  If EVERY athlete in a lineup goes to one school, it is a Scholastic entry.  If any of the athletes go to a different school, the lineup is Club.  Easy peasy!
    [8] Both Scholastic Nationals (SRAA), and Youth Nationals (YNC) allow a team to substitute up to 50% of the lineup they raced at States.  The top 2 finishers, regardless of Club/Scholastic get the bids to Youths.  For the SRAA, the events have a different number of qualifiers depending on the event.  You will find those bid amounts in the States Packet sent earlier.
    [9] You can find more information here:   Please note, the medals, trophies, and plaques will be distributed under the Vendor Tent from now on.  Buses are expected to go back to the Bus lot.  The shuttle buses will drop off in the area designated on the map.  
    [10] Trailers should plan on arriving by 11pm.  They will be parked by me, or someone designated.  They will NOT be dropped off quickly and left until the spot is ok'd.  At least 13 trailers will park on Lee's Park.  It is generally the same crowd, so no surprises there.  A map of those assigned to Lee's Park will be sent.  We will have security, but we are not looking to have them park trailers in the dark.
    [11] Coaches & Coxswain's Meeting is at 6:30am both days.  It will be help in the Training Center on the corner of the venue by the main road.  You are responsible for all information presented there.
    [12] Expect thundershowers and rain all day Friday.  There will be very few chances to practice.  
    A few more emails will follow this one.  Tomorrow, I will be sending the full heat sheets.  Also, a massive information email will arrive.  Most importantly, the Food Tent assignments will be sent.  So, please expect more communications tomorrow.
    Sleep Well
    Chris Chase
    Saratoga Rowing Assoc.
Head of the Fish  -  October 28-29, 2023
Saratoga, NY