Food Tent

  • Finding Your Tent Space

    Teams that have signed up for Food Tents will be assigned tent spaces.  These spaces are spray-painted in yellow/orange.  Everything inside the box is yours, you may NOT have anything outside the box.  Food Trailers are included in this.  On the venue map, you will see spots to park emptied food trailers along the woods line.  NO, absolutely NO vehicles can be near waterfront.  Coaches, PLEASE make this clear to your parents.  Teams will need to bring their own hay if they want it.  There are 10 dumpsters onsite.  Please may sure your trash finds one of them.  Thanks in advance.  Food tents on Saturday need to be out by 5pm, so that Sunday teams can get in and set their tents up.  Thanks for the cooperation in advance.

  • Arrival

    It is strongly recommended that all food tents are set up Friday BEFORE 4:00 pm or AFTER 7:00 pm.  If you cannot get there Friday, you will need to arrive by 6:30 am Saturday to be out of the food tent area by 6:45 am. Please note that NO vehicles will be allowed in food tent area after 6:30 AM. If you come in after that time, parking volunteers will get you as close to tent area as possible but you will need to walk and carry from that point. BUT that is a very busy time with lots of traffic and you might not get close at all- so get there before 6:30.

  • Set Up

    Food Tent spaces are marked with painted orange lines and signs posted in the CENTER.  Please BRING map copy with you. FOOD TENT MAP You have 30 minutes unload. Everything must fit on your site. No cars/vans/trucks may be left in tent area.  One vehicle per team should be handling the drop-off.

  • Parking

    Food Tent tow vehicles must park in general parking field, no exceptions. Chuck wagons can be parked in the MARKED area on the map.

  • Breakdown at the End of the Day

    Food tent vehicles may access sites AFTER 4:00 PM on Sunday.  This is due to safety reasons (it is not safe to drive vehicles in the food tent area during racing times. If it is critical to leave prior to the end of races each day, please contact Emanuel Valentin at 518-490-9715 to find out when that will be logistically possible.  No guarantees we can make that happen.  You can walk in and carry out at any time.

saratoga invitational  -  apr. 23-25, 2021
Fish Creek  -  Saratoga, NY