Car Parking

Please read below for information on SRA Regattas!

  • General Parking

    General Parking will be at Lee’s Camp Ground.  The cost is $15/car each day. $10/car for Friday of Head of the Fish

  • Handicap Parking

    Handicap Parking will be permitted at Lee’s Campground on a first come, first serve basis.  Drivers must show their handicap permit upon arrival to gain admittance.  The cost is $15/car.

  • Vans and Buses

    Vans and Buses will be permitted to enter Lee’s Park.  Vans will still be required to pay the $15 parking fee.  Buses need to purchase a bus pass prior to the regatta.

  • Dropping Off Your Athlete

    PLEASE NOTE WE CANNOT ACCOMMODATE ANY DROP OFFS! There is no stopping, slowing, nothing. If you make the turn into venue, you agree to pay for parking.  Due to the volume of cars, buses, and people drop offs are not permitted per regulations. If you do not want to park or pay, seek alternative areas to drop off athletes. Consider dropping off at Stewart’s, but if you do, please consider making purchases to support the local businesses.  Please note that cars left there unattended at Stewart’s will be towed.

  • A Note Regarding Stewart’s

    Stewarts will not allow people to park in their lot.  You can drop off, and even park there if you are purchasing items.  However, if you decide to leave your car there, it will be towed.  

  • Picking Up Your Athlete

    PLEASE NOTE WE CANNOT ACCOMMODATE ANY PICK UPS! There is no stopping, slowing, quick pick ups , nothing.  Ask athletes to text you when ready and meet you in other areas to be picked up. There are absolutely no exceptions on either drop offs or pickups because of our restriction in using Lee’s Park. We must keep traffic flowing safely and smoothly at all times.

  • Perspective

    Please be kind to SRA parking volunteers, they do not have an easy job and all of them are either rowers or have family members that row.  Everyone is trying to make it safe and smooth for all!