Car Parking

Please read below for information on SRA Regattas!

HOF 2021 Lee's campground parking
HOF 2021 Car pick up loop
  • Lee's Campground Parking

    Must pre-register in email sent after regatta registration closes. Limit of two cars per team. Cost is $20 per day.  Teams will be given parking passes in their registration packets, these passes must be clearly displayed in car  windshields.  Any car parked without a parking pass is viable to be towed by the owners of the park. 

  • Off Site Parking

    Off Site Parking is available at the Saratoga Casino.  Parking at the Casino is free. There will be shuttles running every 15 minutes back and forth from 6 AM to 6 PM both Saturday and Sunday. There will be a $5 fee for riding the shuttle.  This link will bring you from the regatta site to parking at the Casino.

  • Dropping Off and Picking Up Your Athlete

    You can only drop off your athlete in the drop-off/ pick-up zone, which will be clearly marked with signs and a tent. There is no stopping or slowing out of the drop off zone. Pick-up occurs in the same zone. If you arrive to pick-up an athlete and the athlete is not yet at the pick-up zone you will need to do a lap of the loop. 

    You can also consider dropping off before crossing bridge (from Northway exit 14) and athletes can take 10 minute walk over the bridge.  Or if you drop off at Stewart’s, please consider making purchases to support the local businesses. Note: cars left unattended at Stewarts will be towed.

  • Car Toppers

    Car Toppers will be allowed to park and store boats on the regatta site.  Car toppers will be charged $5 for the weekend and will be asked to pre register for their parking spot. 

  • Parking Passes

    Any parking on the regatta site will require a parking pass, this includes tow vehicles (no cost but please display the parking pass which comes in registration package.) 

    Parking passes will also be given to cars parking on Lee's Park (limit two per team.) And to car toppers.

  • Buses

    Buses will be permitted to enter Lee's Park.    Buses need to purchase a bus pass prior to the regatta which will be $45 per day. 

  • Handicap Parking

    Handicap Parking will be permitted at Lee's Campground on a first come, first serve basis.  Drivers must show their handicap permit upon arrival to gain admittance.  The cost is $15/car.

  • Perspective

    Please be kind to SRA parking volunteers, they do not have an easy job and all of them are either rowers or have family members that row.  Everyone is trying to make it safe and smooth for all!