• Regatta Director

    The Regatta Director's Trailer can be found in the Northeast corner of Trailer Lot B.  Questions regarding results, protests, or general inquiries can be found here.

  • EMS & Safety Crew

    EMS and Safety Crews can be found in 2 different locations.  Location 1 is in the "Medal Presentation," under a large tent and under the direction of Wilton EMS.

    Water Safety and additional EMS can be found in the Southeast Corner of Trailer Lot B.

  • Registration

    Registration can be found in the SRA Training Center, located to the right of the regatta venue entrance (adjacent to the "Medal Presentation" location.  Coaches can pick up their regatta packets here.

NYS Boat Launch

  • Counter Clock Wise Traffic Pattern

    Boats launching and returning to the NYS Boat launch can move throughout the parking lot in a counter-clockwise pattern.  While it may be easier for you to "just launch," please stay with the boat moving pattern as it helps us run a smoother regatta!

  • Dockmaster Area

    The Dockmaster's area is reserved for coaches, athletes, officials, and rowing equipment.  Please be respectful of this rule, as it's just as important for the safety of our guest as it is for the fluidity of the regatta.

Lee's Campground

  • Vehicle Parking

    Vehicle Parking is located in the rear of Lee's Park.  More information on parking can be found HERE.

  • Food Tents

    Food Tent Spaces are assigned to designated locations throughout Lee's Park.  Food tents may only go where they are assigned.

  • About Lee's Park

    Lee's Park is a privately owned camp ground.  Please be respectful of their rules, specifically 1) stay off the private docks and 2) drive within the 5mph speed limit.